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Grace Darling

Amidst tempestuous seas and gale force winds, a young lady can be seen rowing towards a ship wrecked on the rocks. Come with us as we discover what made Grace the “darling” of Longstone Lighthouse!

Grace Darling
Grace Darling

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Travel back to 1815 and discover the childhood of the lighthouse keeper’s children. On Brownsman Island, amongst the birds and wildflowers, live the Darling family. We will find out how the terrain affected their upbringing and education in the early 1800s. We will help Mr Darling with the day to day running of the lighthouse and move with the family to the remote Longstone Island to man the newest of the lighthouses. We will also keep watch for ships in trouble and, in September 1838, embark on a dangerous rescue mission with Grace, the Darling’s youngest daughter, as we battle the elements to save as many lives as possible from a ship on the rocks.

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