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Tudor Life

The year is 1543. Live the life of a villager in Cobham, near Hampton Court. What was the midden? Who ate pottage? Why was the pig’s bladder kicked? Visit the court of Henry VIII but be careful not to lose your head!

Tudor Life
Tudor Life

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Our work focuses on life in Tudor England at the time of Henry VIII’s last wedding – this time to Catherine Parr. We ‘fly’ the children back in time and discover whether we arrive as honoured guests at the nuptials or peasants living in a small village near Hampton Court. You’ve guessed it…we’re peasants! The children enter a very different world from life at Court; living with livestock, eating pottage, using the midden and, for entertainment, kicking around a pig’s bladder. We look at their clothes, day-to-day life and how they built their houses. Every child is given a specific part and job to role play and, together, they form the village. The drama workshop finishes with a May celebration. Time permitting, there is an optional plenary: a romp through the life and times of Henry VIII!

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