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Created for EYS and KS1 children, this Pirate adventure includes map reading (using a compass), following clues/trails and navigation. As a member of a pirate crew, we load and set sail, spy land and discover a treasure map. Crossing different terrains and encountering various obstacles, the pirates must have their wits about them if they are to succeed! Can they use their literacy/number skills to crack the code on the combination lock? If all goes well, there might even be some treasure at the end of it...


Interactive, engaging, fun, 'word rich' sessions which brought topic to life! It was great that we inked three topics to different year groups across the school. We look forward to seeing our children's follow up work. We would love to have you back again! The children loved how fun and interactive the session was; their achievements were reinforced, each child left feeling special. Alongside this, consistent behaviour expectations were implemented to keep the 'fun' from getting carried away.

St Catherine's Catholic Primary School

Physically acting it out helps the children when it comes to write their own imaginative pirate stories or create objects in art; being given the coins inspired the children to work on their maths to earn the coin.

Balksbury Infant School

Amazing for EAL and SEN children. Great use of vocabulary linked to the topic. Loved every minute - as always.

Hatch Warren Infant School

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