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We ‘fly’ to the Antarctic – to the highest, coldest and windiest place on the globe. What do you wear to protect yourself from the cold? What animals and birds would you find there? Waddling like a penguin or swimming like a seal, the children become the creatures and experience life in the southern most area of the world. Next we ‘fly’ half way around the world and land in the Arctic; is anything similar? What differences can we spot? Watching out for polar bears, we hunt with the Inuit, race huskies, kayak and fish and compare how the lives of the native Inuits have changed over time.


We loved acting like the animals, especially being penguins in a huddle! An excellent introduction to our new topic. The content and activities were well pitched and very enjoyable. The children were really positive about the experience and remembered lots of new information. We loved everything!

St Nicolas & St Mary CE Primary School

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