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Going back in time, this workshop uses the real life experience of Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins and the Apollo 11 mission as its focus.  We explore the background to the mission (and the race to get there first), look at the construction of the rocket and re-live the preparations, training and key events of the first moon landing in 1969.  We re-enact blast off and the high risk landing.  We discover how different the moon is to earth and follow the routine experiments that were actually done by the team to take back to the scientists on earth.  Finally we return and look at the legacy of this defining moment in space travel.


The whole workshop was very useful. It allowed the children's knowledge to be extended and the new approach educationally really enhanced it. The plenary allows teachers to keep the children focused and then added a super end to the day.

Balksbury Infant School

Putting the learning into a context in a way that the children could easily understand - Kenn and Iain were great with the SEN children.

Hart Plain Infant School

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