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Travel back to a time before iPods, television and Xbox's, where cramped living conditions, disease and lack of sanitation were rife. Children crawled, climbed and coughed their way through their short lives. Looking at children in mines, factories, on the land, up chimneys and in the school room, we discover how different life was then from now. Using role-play, we discover how tough a child had to be to survive and thrive in Victorian England.


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The way you were able to use theatre/drama to help children understand the reality/seriousness of Victorian life - covering so much in such an accessible/entertaining way. This is such a treat for our children and they loved it! Thank you! It was fabulous - please come in more!

Vigo Primary School

As ever, the children loved every minute. Packed with information and facts the children were able to produce super information. We love having you here - you are part of our school.

Balksbury Junior School

It was useful for children to 'experience' the jobs of children during Victorian times - it brought the learning to life. Fun and inspiring - thank you!

St Catherine's Catholic Primary School

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