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Hoist the sail on the long ships as we leave our homeland in search of adventure, to conquer a new land and build a new life. We select a leader, build a boat and set sail using the stars, seabirds and fleas to guide their way. We look at the lives of the Vikings, exploring why they left their homelands, what they were looking for and what sort of reception they received when the landed! A workshop which allows your children to immerse themselves in the life and death of a Viking warrior.


This was invaluable! Not only did the children learn, they were fully engaged and encouraged in their learning. They were all given a chance to shine. Kenn and Iain are exceptional in every way. They are naturally pastorally minded and could read which children needed support, bolstering, behaviour management. They also learnt names as they went along. Come again!

Highfield School

Never ending facts! The children were learning SO much and it was so much fun. Great management of the children.

The Crescent Primary School

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