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Think you know fairy tales? Think again! Our original shows are designed for audiences from Nursery age up to Year 6 and beyond. At Openbox we pride ourselves in keeping our shows simple. We don’t use theatre lighting or loud music and our performers don’t need microphones to be heard. Our shows can be booked year round and they offer the perfect kick off to your literacy learning or as a whole school treat.

In our shows we take a much loved traditional tale and give it an unexpected twist or two! What if Little Red Riding Hood was not the sweet little girl you thought she was? What if the Troll under the bridge was just misunderstood? What if it was the Wolf Who Cried Boy? Our tales are woven with magic, morals and plenty of mischief and offer an affordable dose of joy, excitement and live theatre to your school!

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Travel with the Openbox gang to the Twisted land of fairy tales, where stories aren't what they seem...

Meet Red Riding Hood – there is nothing ‘nice and sweet’ about this brat. Red hates all the little woodland creatures and dislikes visiting her granny’s house because she hasn’t got any WiFi. Will she outwit the big bad wolf or end up as his dinner?

Zack and his Mum have no money to pay the rent and are about to be thrown out of their house. Zack sells his best friend, Daisy the cow, to Mr Erious Fellow on the way to market for a bag of Magic Jellybeans. Come and climb the magic jelly beanstalk with Zack, meet Snotty the Giant and help them to live happily ever after.

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Watch out for the launch of our newest show, Pinocchio, in December 2024! After a double-bill presentation with The Nativity during our Christmas Show season, Pinocchio will be open for general booking in January and February 2025.

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