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Travel back to a time of spots, rats, sneezes and fleas and relive the sights and sounds of crowded London in 1665. Your children will become the townsfolk and experience what life would’ve been like before the Great Fire – a place of filth and plague, noise and business. As the summer of 1666 gets hotter, a baker leaves a few embers alight in his oven… the children literally become the fire and eventually extinguish the flames. They meet key historical figures: the Mayor of London, Thomas the baker and Samuel Pepys as they discover the full extent of the fire’s impact on London. We can extend the workshop to include a poignant plenary session where we act out the aftermath of the tragedy and experience how it might have felt to have lost so much so quickly as London burned.


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Wow! What a brilliant day…thank you so much for inspiring the children with your fabulous workshops. The children came away buzzing with information and facts. You are SO amazing!

Hiltingbury Infant School

It was fantastic! ALL the children were engaged and valued and information was presented in a fun/child friendly way. Perfectly pitched - my children loved it!

Manor Infant School (Portsmouth)

To us it is invaluable! Reinforcing what they know plus it's done in such a fun way. (The children) always learn more from this workshop. The London now and then is a great intro and everyone is involved and ideas are valued.

Orchard Lea Infant SchooL

Such a wonderful experience for both the children and the adults. You do such a fantastic job at bringing the topic to life. I can't believe how much wonderful information you give to the children in such a short space of time. Thank you again.

Meredith Infant School

Excellent activities with active and engaging ways of sharing the facts and events plus key language linked to the Great Fire. I love your ideas for helping the children remember key aspects and will be using them in class.

Grayshott Primary School

We learnt lots and did it in a really fun way. It was useful to see what the children knew already - in terms of assessment too. I don't feel it could be improved. It is by far the thing that I look forward to most every year! The children just love it!

Alton Infant School

(Valued) the background information about life in London before the Fire as this workshop came at the start of the topic. Interactive activities. It was brilliant!

Downsend School

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